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The Five Languages of Appreciation In the Workplace- A Review And Reflection

Five months ago, i posted here my review of The Five Love Languages (Singles Edition) written by Gary Chapman. It was a good book.

Now, let me post here my review of an audio book entitled The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. It was also written by Gary Chapman together with Paul White.

My Review and Reflection

This is my first time to review an audio book. Although  one of the things  i love to  do during my rest days is to listen to sermons on CD, i haven't reviewed any audio book in the past.

Listening to an audio book rather than reading a book has some advantages. One is, you can do many things at the same time while listening to it. Second, if English is your second language, listening to an audio book helps you correct your pronunciation of words and it influence you to be more neutral in your accent. Third, it gives you a better memory of what you have listened to. Fourth, it feeds your mind, ears and heart  with positive words and insights.

Now, let's go to the content of this audio book.

Basically, The Five Languages of Appreciation In the Workplace is similar to the Five Love Languages  book because it also reminds us of the five love languages: 1) The Words of Affirmation, 2) Quality Time , 3) Acts of Service, 4) Tangible Gifts, and, 5) Physical Touch.

These five love languages were termed as five languages of appreciation in the work place. The authors gave insights on how to apply these in the work place and make a difference and impact to your colleagues,  relationship of employers to their employees, to the volunteers and reminding business owners to do the same. But physical touch was carefully discussed because touch could create problems to others and its the least important in the work place. Some actions are fine for some individuals but some would feel uncomfortable because some people might misinterpret it as sexual harassment which is a huge issue. A firm handshake and giving someone a high five are globally acceptable.

In this audio book, you would learn how to apply the concept to your daily life. Each of us has the primary language of appreciation and there are different ways to communicate appreciation to others and discovering colleagues' and employees' languages of appreciation would help us more to be effective in communicating our appreciation to them.

I agree to what the authors said, "Our language of appreciation becomes our blind spot because we tend to express our own language of appreciation to others when it's not their own primary language of appreciation."

This statement is true:

"The number one factor in job satisfaction is not about the pay but the appreciation employees receive. Job satisfaction will diminish if an employee is not well appreciated."

Overall, this audio book is full of insights on how to become a better employer,  business owner, employee and volunteer. I also agree to what another person said about this book, "The insights in this book are invaluable whether you are an employer, employee or volunteer."

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