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Young Women On The Journey- A Review

The Authors

There are thirty six contributors in this book. They are composed of young church leaders, young professionals, executives, degree holders, broadcasters, students and young mothers who have one thing in common-they all love the Lord.

My Review

This book is a compilation of testimonies of young women on their journey through life. Although its a compilation of testimonies, its similar to a devotional book because in every article, there are bible verses and lessons you could learn. Their experiences may be similar to some of us and with those experiences, we could learn and relate with them, gain insights from and see how the loving God has helped them in ever situation.

I like this statement written on the foreword section, "I am sure you struggle at some point of your life with blank pages- that school paper for submission tomorrow, this thesis for graduation, that resume that will favor a job interview, this business report worthy of promotion, or even that simple text message for a crush. But when it comes to the blank pages of your future, let God write them. He does write them well." It was creatively written but I just have some comments  and would like to write my inputs in that statement from biblical point of view.  I understand where the contributor was coming from and I believe that there are many people think that there are"blank pages" in their lives but the Bible says, "Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be"-Psalm 149:16. Based from that verse, God has already written our life stories before one of them came to be and there are no blank pages...maybe the story is not yet unfold before our eyes, but God already has the whole picture of our lives. He has already written them. And from Jeremiah 29:11, we can see there that God declared, "For I know the plans i have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." God already planned our future and his plans are good, it is not to harm us, however, its up to us whether we will obey him or not because God has given us free will. So in order for God's will to be done in our lives, we have to surrender our lives to Him and do His will, not our will but His will for our lives.

But overall, this book is good. You will be blessed by these young women's testimonies and their trust in the Living God in every situation they have encountered in life.

Let me cite here some statements that I really like from this book:

 "I am a child of God.  That is the greatest and important title I have."-from the article "Titles" by LJ Salceda.

"But when you mess up in your life, Christ shows His hands and says he loves you. Christ accepts me unconditionally and what matters to HIM is my heart."-from the article "Super model" by Ginger de Guia

"His love gave me worth even if I felt like a filthy rag. I succumbed to the One True Love. Since then,  I have not lived the life I felt I deserved. Instead, I live a life that radiates the God whose love has the power to bring beauty to someone such as me."-from the article "No Greater Love" by Faye Villanueva

"Rebekah's story goes beyond waiting for true love: it is more about trusting God while serving others. Marriage is not our end goal. If we make it so and consume most of our precious time thinking about it, then we are putting it on a pedestal. In a word, that is "idolatry." We just have to refocus our goals to desire God more than anyone or anything else."-from the article "Revisiting Rebekah" by Jean Galang

"God will stick with his word. No matter how deep the stain of my sin is, he will remove it and make me as clean as snow. That's God's promise, take it and believe it."-from the article "Pure Again" by Leri Mae Fetalvero- Abelarde

"Looking at the same cracks on the pavement, it reminded me that even when all seemed impossible, God did make a way."-from the article P15 by Vanessa Liwanag

Personally, I found encouragement through the pages of this book. Their testimonies speak of how wonderful and loving God is in their situations. I salute the authors for unveiling their "secrets" and shared them in this book just to share what GOD has done in their lives and even in their dark moments or hard situations or just in simple things that they needed God or needed to trust God and his word, we can see there that the God who promised these words, "I will never leave you nor forsake you", indeed is true to his promises.

In closing, let me rephrase here the last statement in the introduction section which is also encouraging: "Whether you are just about to take your first steps in adult life, or are on the brink of major decisions, or have made mistakes of your own,  it is not too late to put your trust in the Lord. May you entrust the rest of your journey with him."

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  1. Thanks for this review. Hope many ladies will benefit from the stories shared in this book.

    My wife (Jodi Darcen) is one of the contributors.

  2. Hi!

    I'd like to invite you to a music and media night by Becca Music Inc., a Christian events company here in Manila. May I know what email I can send it to? This is an exclusive invitation so please do not forward the email. Thank you.

  3. @ Mr Parfan, hi. thanks for reading my review. I just read your comment today (coz i dont go online everyday). Regards to your wife and tell her to keep on writing. God bless!

  4. @regina, hi. thanks for the invitation. i'm sorry for the late reply. i just read your comment. you can email me at let me see if my schedule would allow me to attend that. thanks!


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