Friday, February 17, 2012

A Life Once Shattered

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Reading Mark 5:1-20 during one of my devotions inspired me to write this poem. If i were a professional song writer and musician, I would write a song about this story (although i already composed songs but i only sing them to God:)). 

I was  trying hard to compose a melody out of it but i failed (maybe i'll try later) so I just composed a poem out of it.

Here's the poem I composed (i was inspired with what Jesus has done to this man):

A Life Once Shattered

Before he met Jesus
His life was shattered
A legion of demons was with him
He lived in the tombs uncombed

People were afraid of him
No one could bind him
Not even with a chain
For he had often been chained
But he tore them apart
And even the irons were torn apart.

No one was strong enough to subdue him
Night and day among the tombs
And in the hills he would cry out
And cut himself with stones
Those were all his whereabouts

But when he met Jesus
Jesus rebuked the demons and said, "Come out!"
That legion of demons was gone
With the large herd of pigs they were drowned
And this man came to his right mind
He was dressed and would go with Jesus, 'twas in his mind

Jesus told him to go home
and tell his family what God has done
So the man went away
And he obeyed
And all the people were amazed

His life once shattered was fixed and no longer a scary maze
When he met Jesus
His life became a blessing
His life became amazing!

Note: Only Jesus can fix a shattered life.

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I put "copyright" on my every post because this is my blog site, it's like my signature on my every post. 
By the grace of God I am what I am.

this poem is my own original writing 
If in case u want to use this material, please ask permission from me first or at least, acknowledge that i wrote it and it came from this site.Thank you! 


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