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God Can Do Miracles

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I just wanna share here a testimony shared to me by a friend (who is also my blog reader). I was wanting to share this on my blog anniversary last March but i failed to do so. But here it is now. 

I asked permission from him if i could share it here and he said yes.

He wrote:

                  Hello! I'm encouraged by your blogs so I'd like to share 
                  our testimony to you too. Keep it up. God Bless!

As  you read his testimony, may you be encouraged more that God can do something in your situation no matter what it is.

This article may be long but i encourage you to read it from beginning to end, and be encouraged by what God has done to him and his family.

Here's his testimony:

"You must be very careful not to forget the things you have seen God do for you..."
 Deuteronomy 4:9 (CEV)

Sharing our testimony again. Lest we forget…

My wife Olive was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy in year 2000 when we were still in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. IgA Nephropathy or kidney failure is a disease that may go undetected for years. IgA protein is a normal part of our body’s system but in IgA Nephropathy, IgA proteins just pools into the kidneys’ glomeruli (filters) and are not washed out in the body. This leads to blood and protein in the urine and swelling in the hands and feet. This chronic or long term kidney disease may progress over a period of 10-20 years, and if undetected, can lead to end stage kidney failure and the person afflicted must go on dialysis or must have a kidney transplant.

We’ve moved from UAE here in Ireland in May 2002 to work as nurses and we’re both really excited. Olive was OK during our few first months stay here, but after a while, she became ill…

We went to Beaumont Hospital where Olive was seen by a kidney specialist. After thorough examination, the doctor said that only about 25-30% of her kidneys were working at that time and it’s still deteriorating. She would definitely need a kidney transplant and would have to undergo dialysis while waiting for the transplant.

After we heard this bad news, we were devastated!.. Who wouldn’t be? Being nurses ourselves, we know that kidney disease usually cannot be cured and can lead to death. Once the tiny filtering units of the kidneys (glomeruli) are damaged, they cannot be repaired. Treatment with this kind of impairment would just focus on slowing the progression of the disease and preventing complications.

Since Olive’s kidneys kept on deteriorating, she was advised not to go work and was started on Peritoneal Dialysis on February 2004. A tube was inserted to her tummy and there’s this machine that you have to set up, connect the tube to the fluids and let the machine filter the toxins accumulating in Olive’s body since her kidneys are not working properly. We have to do this every single night until she gets her kidney transplant.

Sickness can be very draining… but in one of our devotions one night, God encouraged us with this passage in 2 Corinthians 12 verse 9 that says: “…My grace is enough; it's all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness…”. (The Message Translation) We held on to this promise and saw its reality.

We also thanked God that time because we have a Bible Study Homegroup who’s very supportive to us and always been praying for us. I believe that without them, we won’t be that strong in the faith. We really need people especially in times like this.

Olive’s dialysis was a testimony of God’s grace in itself because if we’re going to have it done in the Philippines, it would cost us a fortune. But praise God we’re here in Ireland and got it for free… God provided good doctors, dialysis machine, dialysate fluids and all that we need…  What a provision of our loving Father!

Baxter company which specializes in dialysis products would supply us with a month’s stock, so one of our vacant rooms was filled with boxes of dialysate fluids that we’ll need for the month. Even her medications are under the drug scheme so we’ll just have to pay a fraction of the actual price.

But even after 6 months of dialysis, Olive’s kidneys were still failing rapidly so our option was to bring her younger brother (Leo) over here in Ireland as a living donor. Olive’s blood type is AB, & Leo’s blood type is AB too, so they’re compatible. Leo sacrificially came over here in Ireland in May 2004 to donate one of his kidneys, leaving behind his wife and his 4 year old daughter.

Leo had undergone all the tests that’s needed for the transplant and they were all clear. What we’re only waiting for is the actual date of the transplant.

On August 20th 2004, God did a miracle… Around noon, our transplant coordinator in Beaumont hospital rang us and they said there’s a patient waiting in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) whose blood type and kidneys are compatible with Olive’s. They need to operate immediately - so that same night, Olive was admitted and was prepared for surgery. She was in the Operating Theatre for more than 6 hours and came out at around 2 o’clock in the morning with a transplanted kidney. 

Most of kidney transplant patients stay in the hospital for a minimum of 1-2 weeks, but not in Olive’s case… All her blood levels stabilized even just hours after the operation and she recuperated very well. Exactly after a week, she was discharged from the hospital. It’s truly God’s work because she recovered quickly!

Up to this day, we don’t even know who the donor was… It’s amazing because Olive’s brother didn’t have to donate one of his kidneys… God provided a donor and spared Leo. Just like when God provided a lamb for Abraham’s sacrifice…

I was spared too because my blood type is AB as well! Actually, I'd love to be the first in line as donor but the doctor said that it would be complicated because of legal reasons. If I’m going to be the donor, the doctor said that we have to do the operation in the UK and not here in Ireland. It’s quite complex because of Irish law.

Leo was back in the Philippines after a 3 month stay here in Ireland and was thankful to God that he was spared in donating one of his kidneys.

In God’s favor again, Olive was back working 9 months after the transplant. Our Hospital Director even allowed her to be transferred into a lighter workload area and a schedule that suits her. These are just some of the evidence of God’s grace and favor… naming them all may take forever…

Truly, God’s grace is sufficient and Olive, me and 3 kids after the transplant (+ one more on the way!) are living testimonies of that promise. He was there every night when Olive was having her dialysis; His grace was there every time we have our check up, etc. He was there during and after the surgery… He was there every single time… & even today, His grace is still moving in our life.

All glory, honor and praise to our ever faithful and loving miracle maker, JESUS!

Olive & I are praying that as you read this, you will be encouraged to keep trusting in God’s grace… and in His perfect timing, you will get your miracle as well!

He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8) and if He did it all for us, He can surely do it for you because He has no favorites (Acts 10:34)

God Bless!


The latest news is: Olive just gave birth to a healthy baby this February 2012. God is really good!

Thanks Noel for sharing your testimony. God bless you, Olive and your kids.

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  1. I read and I wept....God is amazing! Dear me, I have tried four times to get the captcha correct....it is not working ...hoping this fifth time will work

  2. @rhonda, im glad u were touched. God is really amazing!


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