Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life's Goals

I just wanna share another  quote from the book, "How To Reach Your Life Goals", by Peter Daniels:

Libraries of the world are full of stories
of enterprises with humble beginnings, 
expanding into giant corporations
and business empires 
by insignificant people daring to do-
finding they could-and becoming great. 
These are stories of overcoming seemingly impossible odds,
using limited means, 
and in the end the underdog triumphs.
You can be that person, 
you can do the task, 
you can expand your horizon, 
you can change, 
you can carry the load, 
you can overcome, 
you can endure, 
you can achieve your life's goals.


May this quote encourage you today!

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  1. You have a useful and helpful info posted here. Don't stop sharing important message like this. I like you mission!


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