Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Encouragement To My Feeling Of Inadequacy

We are not perfect. There is no perfect person in this world. Even highly spiritual leaders stumble and fall or becomes tired and weak but God's word and  his encouragement is always there for us.

As a christian, i sometimes feel inadequate. I sometimes feel small. I sometimes grow weak, tired and stressed. Sometimes i feel tired especially after a stressful nine and a half hours of work and sometimes lasts up to eleven hours each day. Aside from a stressful job in the call center, there are other factors affecting my heart...different kinds of people i deal with at work...goals to reach...personal burdens (i am blessed to belong to a good family. When i say, "family burdens", its about carrying each other's burden in the family like when someone is sick, we are all concerned, when someone has a problem, we pray for each other)...prayers not yet answered...dreams not yet come true...desires not yet fulfilled...but God always makes me realize that He loves me and that He is appreciating me for the littlest thing I've done for Him.

During my devotions the other day, i was just so blessed reading these verses and they really touched my heart:

Job 4:3-4 "Think how you have instructed many, how you have strengthened feeble hands. Your words have supported those who stumbled; you have strengthened faltering knees."

Sometimes, the enemy (Satan) would always remind us of our flaws...of our failures...of our inadequacy and he would make us feel small, but God, who is our good Father, who loves us without limit would always encourage us and remind us of the beautiful things we have done for Him. He doesn't condemn us. He  won't inculcate to us the faults or the things we have done wrong. He would not make us feel more stressed when we are stressed. He would not feel us more tired when we are tired. He would not make us feel weak when we feel weak. He is always there to strengthen us. He would not put us down when we are down but He would remind us that He loves us and He would tell us how He takes care of us and that He appreciates even the littlest thing we've done for Him. It's like Him saying, "hey, you've done a good job...i love you and what you have done is significant." The littlest good thing you've done is appreciated and significant in God's eyes.

It's always a lesson for me that when i feel inadequate...when i feel small..when i feel tired and weak...i always  come to His presence, read His word and listen to what He would say about me and to me, and  i always get encouraging words from Him. Just like David (a man after God's own heart), i learned that the best encouragement one would  get especially when one feels inadequate, is from God and His words.

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  1. I feel inadequate a lot of times but i am blessed with good family and friends. I struggle with self-esteem but doing my best to see myself the way others see me.

  2. thanks thess. im also blessed with good family and friends but the encouragement u get from God is really different. The way God sees us is the best way we measure ourselves.


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