Thursday, December 30, 2010

What Is Your Personal Bible Verse This Coming 2011?

Text: Zechariah 9:12b "Even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you"


Every year, we were given a personal journal in our church and it's really a blessing.It's different from any commercial journals that you could buy from any book store. It is given every December and every year the journals' designs vary.

This journal 2011 is unique, it has a part where it says, "personal verse for the year".

I was really praying that i wont just write my favorite verse there but it would be something that really spoke to my heart personally during my devotions regarding my situation and my future, a promise that i could hold on to for the year 2011.

And the other day, when i was having my devotions, that verse really spoke to my heart personally. That was a personal promise from the Lord.

Again, let me post it here:

Zechariah 9:12b "Even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you".

I was so encouraged. Yes, God knows when to speak to our hearts through His word. I've lost so many things (even someone) not just 2010 but also the past few years and God just encouraged me that even now, He's announcing that He will restore twice  as much to me. Wow! That promise is really something that i could hold on to for this coming 2011 and the enemy was starting to deceive me that God can't be trusted always.....that is a lie, God is always true to his promises and God can be trusted all the time. If He said something , He will do it. So i am trusting God that He will restore what was lost twice as much to me this 2011 and the years to come.

What about you... what is your personal bible verse this 2011? During your devotions, ask God for it ..something that you can hold on to throughout 2011 and for the coming years, whatever happens. 

Take time to read God's word--the Bible and let him speak to you personally. Yes, God can speak through the Bible because it's His word. Take time to pray and read His word as you welcome this 2011.

Be Blessed This Year 2011 Everyone!

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