Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, My Friend!

From where I am right now, it's 10 hours more and it's going to be 2011. Everybody is busy preparing for the New Year's Eve. Maybe some of you are busy preparing for your food, fireworks, New Year's Eve program (we have that in our family as we welcome 2011...I asked some of our family members who are going to celebrate with us at my sister Beng's place to wear pajamas because we're going to have pajama party!...sounds like we're going to welcome 2011 with sweet sleep? Hahaha...not really, in fact, we are going to be awake as long as we could take it to remain awake the whole night:) and i thought of asking everyone to wear pajama because we have a lot of dreams to fulfill this coming year and wearing pajama as we take pictures just look least, we are awake and aware that those dreams are to be fulfilled not by sleeping but by being awake and "kicking" as we welcome 2011. 

We're going to miss my eldest sister (Ofel) and her family who will be celebrating the new year's eve in Bataan, my sister Odette and her family who are in the U.S and my brother Carlos and some of his family members who will be in another part of Metro Manila (we always miss them in most of the occasions) but i will be with my six nieces, two nephews if they come, two sisters, two brothers, one brother- in- law , one sister-in-law , two helpers and of course our dear mother and this time, it's going to be our 2nd New Year's Eve without our father but he is now happy in heaven. The 2011 welcoming will still go on as we wear pajamas and bunny headbands (just for fun as we take pictures:), we're going to have our favorite food, games, fireworks (im not sure if there would be fireworks), picture taking, singing, praying and bonding with each other.

I hope your New Year's Eve celebration would be fun, too. And wherever you are, whoever you are with (whether you are alone or with your loved ones, friends,office mates. or strangers...just welcome 2011 with joy and prayer...dont forget to thank God for what He has done for this outgoing 2010. Whether you experienced failure or success, joy or sadness or whatever your circumstances were in 2010...forget the past and move forward....God has a lot of things in store for you and me in the coming year.

I like Haydee Bernardo-Sampang's prayer in her program Family Matters on DZAS earlier. She said something like this: "Lord, sana kung ano man yung na-accomplished namin this 2010, mas malagpasan pa ng ma-aaccomplish namin this coming year." (Translation: Lord, whatever we have accomplished last year, i pray that what we're going to accomplish next year would be greater). Amen to that prayer!

And here is my prayer for you this coming 2011, May God crown your year with His bountiful harvest even the hard pathways overflow with abundance. Happy New Year, my friend!

Psalm 65:11 (New Living Translation)

You crown the year with a bountiful harvest;

even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.

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  1. Thank you for the bible verse (Psalm 65:11). Good way to start the new year!!

  2. u're welcome.thanks for reading my blog. God bless!


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