Saturday, June 18, 2011

An Encouraging Email From A Radio Host

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I was encouraged by an email from a radio host who reads my blog and i wanna share it here. It was sent last June 8, 2011 but i just read it a few days later. Here's her message:

Hello Ms. Mariah,

        Thank God for your blog. I learned a lot from it.
It's been a long time looking for your email address.
Thanks to Ms. Thess Flores for sharing your email add. 
I just want to thank you for sharing your insights on your blog.
I'm really blessed.
I share some of your articles to our listeners 
on my program at 1233 DYVS Bacolod. 
May you continue to share more 
for God's glory and thank you for being a blessing. 
God bless you

This was one of the best gifts i received during my birthday this year! This email is really appreciated. Thank you, Ms Navarro! And thank, you, too,Thess.(Post Script: Thanks, too, to all who greeted me on facebook, in person, through email, through this blog site and to all who sent me text messages! You really made my day so special.Thank God for all of you!)

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By the grace of God I am what I am.


  1. wow congrats...God is glorified and seen in your blog ...what greater purpose is there in life.


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