Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thank You Jesus For What You Have Done

Text : Luke 21: 42

" Father, if you are willing , take this cup from me, yet not my will but yours be done."


Today, we're celebrating Easter Day. Imagine if Jesus didn't follow the will of the Father, what would be our life today?

But thanks to our Lord Jesus for following the will of the Father.

This was my thanksgiving prayer when i was reading this passage during my devotional time last night:

Thank you, Jesus for what you have done on the cross.

Thank you for dying for us to give us salvation.

Thank you for the lashes you have received for by your stripes we have been healed.

Thank you for being the way, the truth and the life for we can't come to the Father except through you.

Thank you for being our mediator because we can access to the Father anytime.

Thank you for your blood that was shed to cover our sins and your blood still speaks to this day.

Thank you, Jesus for your victory on the cross that makes us triumphant in your name.

Thank you, Jesus for rising from the dead that gives us hope for eternity.

Thank you, Jesus because it is finished...that we don't have to crucify ourselves or beat ourselves for us to be forgiven...only we have to do is come to you and ask for forgiveness and you're there ready to forgive us and wash away all our sins.

Thank you, Jesus for your unconditional love to us...

Thank you for coming here two thousand years ago and for your promise of coming here again so that we could be together, forever.

Thank you because you live, i can face my tomorrow.

I'm so grateful for what you have done on the cross.

Thank you, Jesus for what you have done!

All praises, honor, glory and power be yours forever and ever!


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