Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thanks For This Award : Stylish Blogger Award

I was surprised and yet encouraged to receive and be tagged with this award - 


Thanks to you, Women-ish for recognizing my work.

Accepting this award means that I have to do the following: 

       * Thank and link back the person/s who gave me this award 
       * Share 7 things about myself 
       * Award 15 great bloggers I know
* Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Let Me Share 
Seven Things About Myself

1) I'm creative

2) I'm passionate about God (I love the Word of God and His presence)

3) Someday, i want to travel to Greece 
where the Island of Patmos is...
( where John the Beloved received the revelation)

4) I love kids although I'm still single 
and don't have kids yet 
but someday, i want to have my own.

5) I hate the smell of a cigarette, especially its smoke.

6) I love writing.

7) I don't like to be called "Rose" (as a nickname) but i love roses:)

 Now, i want to give this award to 
some women bloggers because of their stylish blogs:


Thanks again, Women-ish....i really appreciate it!

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(I put "copyright" on my every post because this is my blog site, it's like my signature on my every post.)


  1. Congratulations! Thanks for counting me in. Keep writing Mariah! Napakaganda ng laman ng mga sinusulat mo :D

  2. thanks, ms. faye...that's an encouragement. hope someday i could write my own book,too.

    Reading the Bible is the best inspiration whenever i write.


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