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Shining Attitudes For Women at Work (A Book Review)


Maloi Malibiran Salumbides is a motivational speaker and a broadcaster of 702 DZAS, a radio station here in the Philippines. She is known for her "Protips" segment and host of  "Masayang Tahanan",  both aired in the same radio station. She is the wife of Winnie Salumbides (a lawyer and her co-host in "Masayang Tahanan").


The book is small but great. Even if it's small in size, you'll get great insights from it.

What Would You Gain From Reading This Book

It would remind you to have a new, fresh start in your work. Most of us sometimes are guilty of "dragging ourselves to work" especially if we dont really like what we are doing...especially when we are really stressed out and burned out . I agree to what the author said, sometimes its so easy  to see all the negative things in our work rather than nurturing an attitude of thanksgiving but this book would really remind you that having a proper perspective of your work would give you a new and fresh start everyday.

As i was reading this book the other night, i wanted to run to the mirror and say, "hey! this is another day! i need to remove the rheum (eye boogers) from my eyes, take a bath, eat, brush my teeth, comb my hair, dress up smartly , put my make up on and really be the best woman that i could be in my workplace." But i almost forgot, i'm still on vacation this week:)

When you read this book, your perspective about your work would really change. Reading this book would change one's perspective of "just going to work for the sake of going" or have a bad attitude in one's work. It  would make you realize that its time that we need to change our attitude towards work. It would motivate you to really become a better person. Let me post here a quote from the book:

" Everyday, five invitations are extended to be hopeful and happy, to initiate and innovate, to manage yourself well and to make a difference in other people's lives, to do good and better, and lastly, to surrender your will to God and join Him in what He is doing."

This book would also make you realize that work is really a great opportunity that God has given to us. I like what she said, 

"Work is a God-given opportunity for us to take part in what He's doing to make this world a better place."

"Work will be more meaningful if we look beyond payslip. When we work, we become true to God's design for us to be frutiful and productive. When we work, we obey God's command. When we work, we grab the opportunity to impact the world."
In this book, you would also learn more insights on : why do you work?, enhancing your inner beauty, 10 ways to be a blessing at work, principles on being a people person, kindness, the productive worker, payday reminders, tips for chronic complainer, cultivate contentment, tips for wise living, handling criticism, achieving work-life balance and a lot more.


I believe this book is not only for women but also for men at work and in business. When one of my brothers saw it, he was very interested in reading it.

Commendation and Suggestion

The illustrations are nice.

I also loved the way Maloi Malibiran Salumbides wrote her thoughts in Tag-lish (Tagalog and English languages) but i believe there would be foreign women/ men who would be very interested in reading this book that dont understand Tagalog. In line with that, i hope this book could be reprinted in EOV (English Only Version).

Overall, this book is really great. For all working and business people out there, this book is a "must to read".

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  1. Thank you for sharing the book of Maloi Malibiran Salumbides. I hope to meet her and feature her life in my blog.

    I believe that doing so will inspire more people.

  2. u're welcome. by the way, how did u find out about my blog site? thanks for reading my blog.


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