Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Can't Live A Day...

CAN'T LIVE A DAY....this is the title of this song. This is one of my favorite songs. Every time i listen to it, it makes me want more of God...it makes me more in love with God...it makes me want to spend more time  in prayer and reading the word of God and be closer to Him . Here's the lyrics:


I could live life alone
And never fill the longings of my heart
The healing warmth of someone's arms
And I could live without dreams
And never know the thrill of what could be
With every star so far and out of reach
I could live without many things
And I could carry on, but...


I couldn't face my life tomorrow
Without Your hope in my heart I know
I can't live a day without You
Lord, there's no night and there's no morning
Without Your loving arms to hold me
You're the heartbeat of all I do
I can't live a day without You

I could travel the world
See all the wonders beautiful and new
They'd only make me think of You
And I could have all life offers
Riches that were far beyond compare
To grant my every wish without a care
Oh, I could do anything, oh yes
But if You weren't in it all...

Oh, Jesus, I live because You live
You're like the air I breathe
Oh, Jesus, I have because You give
You're everything to me

My prayer for you today is that may you also want more of God and that each day, you would say "i can't live a day without God"..."i couldn't face tomorrow without spending time with Him"..."God is the heartbeat of all i do"..."i can't live a day without Him." 

Be in love with God more!

Copyright © 2010 by Mari Ann Rose "Mariah" F. Gadapan . All rights reserved worldwide.


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