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For Women Only (What You Need To Know About The Inner Lives Of Men)- An Audio Book Review

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Shaunti Felhahn is a bestselling author, nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and public speaker. She holds a master's degree in public policy from Harvard University and has worked on Wall Street and Capitol Hill. Shaunti is a weekly columnist on women's issues and current events for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Shaunti and her husband Jeff, are active leaders in their church, leading a home group that encourages married couples toward greater intimacy with God and each other.

My Review

This audio book is not new to me when i received it because in October 2009, i bought a hard copy book of  it and i read it a few times before i listened to its audio book this year. But, what is exciting about this audio book is that, you can maximize your time while listening to it instead of just focusing on reading the hard copy book.

The voice of the author is expressive. You can feel her emotion not just how she wrote each statement but how she conveyed each statement. Reading the hard copy book was exciting but its more exciting to listen to its audio book version. 

For Women Only (What You Need To Know About The Inner Lives Of Men) is not just informative but its also an eye opener. Yes, as a woman, i already knew that men are visuals but the book let me understood more how visuals men are and how women can help men overcome their weakness as visuals.

This audio book will help each woman to understand what men are really thinking and feeling. I agree, this audio book is full of eye-opening revelations we women need to not only understand the man in our lives but to support and love him the way he needs to be loved. 

This audio book is also grounded in biblical perspectives and as you listen to it, you will discover how to love your man for who he really is-not who you think he is. In addition to that, you will also understand the secret desires and fears inside that sometimes we women don't know about. 

This audio book will also help you understand that your love for your man is not enough but you will understand that why your respect means more to him than even your affection.

At the last chapter, the author has also some words for women that would reveal what your man most wishes you knew about him.

Listening to this audio book once will make you desire to listen to it again not just twice but a few more times. This really is an important audio book that every woman should listen to.

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