Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Prayer Everyone Should Pray

These verses are just some of my bible readings during my devotion this morning 
and they really touched my heart.
I hope these will also touch yours and become your prayer, too...

       Lord, teach me your demands,
       and I will keep them until the end.

Help me understand, so I can keep your teachings,

       obeying them with all my heart.

Lead me in the path of your commands,

       because that makes me happy.

Make me want to keep your rules

       instead of wishing for riches.

Keep me from looking at worthless things.

       Let me live by your word.

Keep your promise to me, your servant,

       so you will be respected.

Take away the shame I fear,

       because your laws are good.

How I want to follow your orders.

       Give me life because of your goodness. 

 PSALM 119:33-40 
New Century Version

Copyright © 2011 by Mari Ann Rose "Mariah" F. Gadapan . All rights reserved worldwide.
I put "copyright" on my every post because this is my blog site, it's like my signature on my every post. 
 By the grace of God I am what I am.


  1. So refreshing, isn't it? No matter how many times we read the Words, it always feels fresh as if being spoken to you personally...


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