Sunday, October 2, 2011


I just wanna share here what i read from one of John Maxwell's books about attitude. I like how he defined attitude there. Here it is:


It is the reflection of our true selves

Its roots are inward, but its fruit is outward.

It is our best friend- or our worst enemy.

It is more honest and more consistent than our words.

It is a future outlook based on past experiences.

It draws people to us-or repels them.

It is never content until it is expressed

It is the librarian of our past.

It is the speaker of our present.

It is the prophet of our future.

My thoughts: Some Filipinos misuse the word "attitude" when they say, "may attitude ka" (you have an attitude). When it's used  that way, it always connotes that attitude is always negative when it is not. An attitude can be positive or negative...we all know that, but sadly, because of that expression, "may attitude ka or sya" or "ay! may attitude" (you have an attitude or she/he has an attitude; oh! she/ he has an attitude), it's now being misused.

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  1. Good Evening ...I believe that a good attitude starts with gratitude.....if I am thankful and grateful for this day as a gift from our LORD then I would think my attitude would be a reflection of His Love for me and my desire to be His Always...enjoyed your post

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing the info.
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  3. thanks Rhonda. hope u are doing fine.

    thanks Philip for dropping by.


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