Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Promise No One Wants- A Book Review

The Author

This was written by Pastor Joey Bonifacio, Senior Pastor of Victory Christian Fellowship, Fort Bonifacio, Manila, Philippines.

The Contents

When i received this book, i was intrigued by its title and really wondered, "Is there a promise no one wants"?

When i read through the book, i found out that this promise came from Hebrews 12:26-27 that say, "At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, “Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.” The words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain."

In this book, the verses above gave significance to its contents that have many  applications in our personal lives. This book would help you learn the value of this promise of shaking.

I like what the author wrote, "God removes (shakes) what cannot bring us to where He wants to take us. He replaces it with what has the power (that which is unshakeable) to take us to His ordained destiny for us. Only He is capable of fulfilling this awesome promise."

This book also reflected on the life of Joseph the dreamer, which is one of my favorite stories in the Bible...the story that really makes me cry whenever i read it. And as what expected, tears  flowed from my eyes again when i read Joseph's story in this book, plus the many good insights from the author. If you want to learn more insights from Joseph's life, this book has a lot of them.

Although this book is small with 71 pages, you would learn a lot from it and your heart would really be changed. 

It is full of God's word and its many applications in our personal lives, which I'm looking for in a book. After reading it, you would crave to read it again. The thoughts are really life-changing and it would make you feel humble before God, that He alone can make you the best person He wants you to be...not trusting in the favor of man, not trusting in your own capabilities but only trusting in God to reach your destiny.

Let me post here some of the statements i like in this book:

"God is so committed to his people that he wants to remove everything that can be shaken in us so He can put in that which will last. His desire is not simply to take us to our destiny but to allow us to enjoy it when we get there."

"The danger with impatience is that we may end up getting less than what we actually have been longing for! How often we impatiently gone ahead of God, only to end us with the good rather than the best that God has in store for us."

"The fullness of God's time is in a class of its own. It has the destinations of causing events to be unstoppable once its time has come...Nothing can stop the fulfillment of God's plan once the fullness of His time has come."

"When we use something outside its purpose, it becomes inefficient and ineffective. Using something out of purpose can hurt us and worse, it can harm others. Why? simply because we are using it for something that it was not designed or purpose for."

"All of us have one purpose-to glorify God...glorify God in whatever you are doing and in every stage of your life."

"If our generation will allow God to shake what can be shaken, we will break through into our destinies and inspire others to follow."

My Final Say

This book is really good...i should say, small but powerful! It would not only make your tears flow from your eyes but it would create change in your heart...change that would crave more for God to allow Him to change you and make you the best person He wants you to be.

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  1. "LIKE!" I wanted to share the book with you kasi ako mismo I was changed when I read this book.. I bought this book so many times and I always give them away . Sa sobrang blessed ko I just want to share it!! Praise God din for Ptr. Joey.

  2. thanks, faye. i was really blessed by it.thanks again!

  3. san po makakabili ng book na yan?

  4. @ anonymous. sorry i just read ur comment now. u can try national bookstore or pcbs or any christian bookstore. u can also try contacting csm (the publisher) @

  5. how much this book po kaya? Thanks :D

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