Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just An Idea For Valentine's Day....

Its February once again. When people think of February, they automatically think about Valentine's's heart's day!

You may be single and you don't have any date  yet this  coming valentine's day or you may have a date that day.... whatever your status is, here's just an idea for valentine's day:

You may want to consider spending it in Baguio City where flower festival is being held and see the beauty of God's creation there.

photo courtesy of

I myself haven't seen the flower festival in Baguio City yet but seeing the pictures about it is very inviting.

Thanks to my cousin Kathrine Mei  who sent  me a schedule of Flower Festival in Baguio  City this 2011. 


February 1 – Mar 6 ----------------Market Encounter
February 12 –---------------------- Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom
February 13–----------------------- Pre-Valentine Event & Fluvial Float Parade
February 26–------------------------Grand Panagbenga Street Parade
February 27 –---------------------- Grand Float Parade
February 28 – March 6 –-----------Session Road in Bloom
March 2 –--------------------------- Pony Boys Day
March 3–---------------------------- Central North Luzon Tourism Fair
March 6-----------------------------Grand Closing Ceremony & Grand Fireworks Display 
                                                (Flowers in the Sky)
But, if your church has a special event for that special day, i suggest that you prioritize it first then just select a day above that is not in conflict with your church's activities  (if you really want to go to Baguio City on one of these days.)

Enjoy your pre or post Valentine's Day...with date or.... without a date!:)

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  1. We went there Feb. last year. Exactly on Feb. 14, kagagaling lang naman d'yan. too bad though na hindi namin naabutan yung flower festival, we had to go down na eh.

  2. i see. my sister and i are planning to go there this Feb with our mother but i don't know if it will push through.


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