Saturday, January 8, 2011

One Of The Things That Is Fascinating About God Is.....

 ...He created so many dialects and languages.

 Text: Genesis 11:1-8


From the text above, if you're going to read it, its about the story why there are so many dialects and languages in the world. 

In verse 1, it says, "Now the whole world had one language and a common speech." And the following verses said, "The LORD said, 'If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.'”

When i was reading this in my devotions, i was wondering why God had to confuse our language and not understand each other. And of course, an obvious answer was there too, that God thought that as one people speaking the same language, there's no plan  that will be impossible for us to do. And may be we would just trust in our own  abilities and not ask Him for any help.

But i also see God's sense of humor in giving us so many dialects and languages all over the world .

The other day, i had my late lunch in a food chain and after a few minutes, there was a girl with her young mother seated at the next table where i was seated. They looked like  Koreans and they were talking in a different language. I thought they were talking in Korean language but two men (their companions) approached them and they started to talk in one of the dialects here in the Philippines but i couldn't understand their dialect (i know how to understand Cebuano, Ilonggo and  other Visayan dialects but i couldnt understand what they were talking about!). 

Since they were still waiting for their orders and i was about to finish what i was eating , i approached the young mother and said, "Excuse me, Ma'am, may i know the language you were speaking that Korean?" And she replied, "No, it's Japanese. We just arrived from Japan (She's a Filipina who lives in Japan.) I said, "I see, i was just wondering...and may i know what was the dialect you were also speaking...i was trying to understand a single word but i couldn't understand" (what a bold lady i was to's not that i was trying to understand their's just that i just finished reading the tower of Babel in my devotions although i read that story many times and i'm really fascinated about languages so i asked) and the lady said it was Capampangan (the dialect used in Pampanga, one of the provinces here in the Philippines).

Imagine a world with only one language...i think it would be so boring. There would be no more tongue twister Filipino words like "katiwalian" or "karumaldumal."

Here in the Philippines there are countless of dialects and most of them are really hard to understand but one thing is for sure...when we come to God in prayer (all of us praying together in different languages and dialects), God understands all of them and He is not wondering what are we talking about. 

God understands your language when you pray and he understands your prayer request whatever language or dialect you are speaking. Isn't it amazing?

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