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Do You Know The Number Of Hair On Your Head?

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"God even knows how many hairs are on your head."-Matthew 10:30 New Century Version


If we were to be asked of this question..."do you know the number of hair on your head?" Most of us would not be able to answer that.

Or have you even tried counting the number of your hair? I believe it would take you hours or a day to count them and it's too tedious to do that. But God knows how many hair we have on our head. 

While reading the verse during my devotions last night, it made me think a lot. Although i read that verse many times, it still gave me a fresh revelation how wonderful God is...especially how wonderful it is to have a Heavenly Father who knows even the number of our hair. 

Just before i read that verse, i was thankful to God because He created hair to be growing. If not, then maybe many hair cutters are already in prison because if they cut people's hair in a bad way, they might be sued and might be imprisoned...just because of the bad hair cut they've done! hahaha.That's why here in the Philippines, when you have a new hair cut, your friends would tease you "buhay pa ba?" (is he/she still alive-referring to the hair dresser/hair cutter who cut the hair (oops...just to make it clear...we don't kill a hair cutter here when we don't like the hair's just a joke to ask if he/she is still alive:))

So many times, i've been a victim of bad hair cut. I've been maintaining my long hair  for a long time and every time i go to the parlor, i just ask the hair cutter to trim it for 2-3 inches long, but last October, instead of the hairdresser cutting them in my desired length, he (a gay) cut them half the length of my hair! Of course, i couldn't do anything about that anymore but to wait for a few months again to let them grow. Now, i could see that my hair is now long again (but not that long just like before, i still need to wait for a few months to have my desired length but every time i look at the mirror, i just thank God that He made our hair alive (i can't find other word to describe it)'s growing and it never stops growing!  

Going back, how many people are on this earth....countless, right? But how fascinating it is to know that God knows the number of each person's hair all over the world. Wow! Just by knowing that, how assuring it is to know that God is also concerned with the smallest detail of our lives...the problems that we go through each day...the worries that we have in our family, work, relationships...every aspect of our lives!

Do you know the number of hair on your head? You may not know them but God knows them...He knows your name...He knows your problems...He knows every detail of your life...He knows what's going on with your life right now...Just come to Him and allow Him to lavish His love on you! He loves you so much! He will take care of you. I assure you that when you come to Him in your deepest problem or whatever your situation is, He is there to show His faithfulness to you. God is there to help you. Cheer up, my friend!

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