Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Tribute To My Father And Mother

my father and mother in their younger years

Today is my late father's birthday and it has been 4 years that he has passed away but i still miss him especially during father's day and his birthday.

As a tribute to him, i would like to say that i'm so thankful to God for him. He may not be a perfect father but i learned a lot from his fatherhood. He exemplified hardwork, determination to succeed, taught us to value education, value life and before he died, he exemplified forgiveness and trust in the Lord.

me and my father before he died (2009)

When he was still alive, he listened to me when my heart was broken. When i needed extra time to learn how to drive after graduating from a reputable driving school for ten days, he was my great teacher...far greater than my driving school teacher. 

He has been a good provider, strict but reasonable and a good father. Thank God for my late father!

Aside from being thankful to God for my late father, i'm also thankful to God for giving us a good mother. One of a kind! Last mother's day, i failed to give her a tribute on mother's day on this blog site but i believe its not yet too late. 

My mother (center) 

For me, she was not just the mother of the year 1977 but she is a mother of all time. I am thankful for her sacrifices, her time, her generosity, her being a forgiving mother, loving, kind, godly....and so many good character traits she has as a mother and as a person. She may not be perfect but she is the best. She is a blessing! She is one of my best friends, my prayer partner and my confidante. I love you, mother! May you live longer and see all your present and future grand children!

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