Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Philippine International Guitar Festival And Competition

my mother and I
Cebu Classical Guitar Ensemble

Last January 26, my mother, my brother Rodel and i were able to watch the 2012 Philippine International Guitar Festival and Competition and it was a nice experience especially that one of my brothers (Rani) was a participant in that event. My brother Rani with his group (Christian Arts Guitar Quartet) opened the program with praise and worship using their guitars only.And of course, since it was a guitar festival, all the groups played different songs just by using their guitars. It was wonderful but we were not allowed to  use video camera  so we were not able to record their music (I hope next time they would allow the video camera). Aside from my brother Rani's group (Christian Arts Guitar Quartet), other participants were: Angelis Guitar Quartet, Ann Arbor Montessori Guitar Quartet, Triple Fret, Nebrija-Ramos Duo, PWU Guitar Ensemble, QCPADFI Guitar Ensemble and Cebu Classical Guitar Ensemble. But from January 27th to 29th (which we were not able to watch anymore), there were masterclasses, guitar competitions and concerts of known guitarists (both individuals and groups).

Christian Arts Guitar Quartet (left: my bro Rani)

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