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365 Daily Supplements For The Heart - A Book Review

The Cover

When i first received it, i thought it's a book about health because of its cover but this book would not only make you healthy physically but most importantly, it would make you healthy in every aspect of your life. At first, i was hesitant to make a book review of it but when i started to read it, it made me realize that people need to read it or at least know about it.

The Author

It was written by Pastor Ed Lapiz, the Pastor of Day By Day Christian Ministries here in Manila, Philippines. Aside from being a Pastor and an author, he has also Day by Day radio programs in different radio stations including my favorite, 702 DZAS every Monday-Friday at 6:15pm-7:00pm.

The author has a sense of humor and his thoughts are not just true but he wrote some funny thoughts, yet, very practical.

One thing i also like with the author is that, he has no poverty mentality. He also wrote thoughts about prosperity and how to prosper based from the word of God.

The Contents

I agree to its cover teaser that this book is funny, entertaining, it would make you wake up but most of all, it's empowering, enriching, comforting and would make you  wiser, stronger and happier. And in addition, it would make you closer to God.

The languages used here are combinations of Filipino and English that made this book unique because some funny Filipino words translated in English sometimes are not funny anymore. That makes our language unique but i hope that when this book would be published again, they would publish it in pure English so that foreigners who would read it without any knowledge of our language could understand the thoughts fully.

This book is not just full of God's word but it's practical based on God's word. There are some thoughts that you would realize and say ,"hey, i knew exactly what he meant and i already knew them before, but i failed to apply them in my life."

This book has some similarity with Our Daily Bread with biblical verses and thoughts on each page, that's why it was entitled, "365 Daily Supplements For The Heart." You could read one page each day or if you want to read it in one sitting, you could do it, that is, if you would not do anything on that day, or else, you need to read them in three to four sittings. I read it in three to four sittings but it's worth my time.

There's also a page called, "Leap Year Page", that is, if you read it in leap year, you have an additional one page:).

These are some of my favorite thoughts in this book:

"Most of the time, we are unloved because we probably do not love. What we keep, we give away and what we give away we get to keep. If you don't love enough, love doesn't return to you. But if you love, it is impossible for love not to find you."

"...but sadly, there are many Christians who don't grow. Hindi na nadagdagan ang mga memory verses na alam. Fifteen years nang Christian, hinahanap pa sa Old Testament ang libro ni Timothy. Tuwing magbabible study, kahit pagkasimple simpleng hahanaping book, lagi pa ring tumitingin sa table of contents."

"Maganda yung presentable ka, maganda ka, naeenhance yung binibigay sa iyo ng Dios. Pero kung yun lamang ang pinahahalagahan at pagkatapos yung puri mo ay nakocompromise na at naging sex object ka, ugliness na yan. The moment a person looks at you as a piece of meat for arousal, you cheapen yourself and you actually cheapen everybody else.So we should be modest in our attire and in our actions."

"The people of God must love even the unlovable relations and most especially, their spouses. Love and respect must exist between the two. Pero sabi mo, matagal na kaming walang pag-ibig sa isa't isa. Para na lang kaming magkapitbahay." Kaya lang utos din ni Lord na "love your neighbors as yourself." "Ay naku, hindi na kami, neighborly, magkaaway na kami eh. Nagbabatuhan na nga kami." Kaya lang ano ang sabi ni Lord? "Love your enemies." So bakit kayo mawawalan ng pag-ibig sa inyong asawa, anak at magulang, e hanggang kaaway nga dapat mahalin? Pati kapitbahay nga ay dapat mahalin, yung kamag-anak mo pa kaya? Wala tayong excuse."

Final Thoughts:

There are still thoughts that i like in this book, but i won't include them here anymore. It's for you to find out those good thoughts when you read this book. This book contains thoughts for marriage, how to apply the word of God in our daily walk and thoughts for every aspect of our lives. You would realize in this book that the Bible is very practical, very helpful, it can change hearts and lives, it would make you more in love with God and his creation and that the Bible is very applicable even in this generation.

What else can i say? Grab a copy and have a daily supplement for your heart and be blessed.

This book was published by CSM Publishing Company. Click here to visit their website.

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  1. thank you, mariah, for your generously lengthy review of ptr ed lapiz's first 365 book. so you read it in 3-4 sittings? i do hope you get to read it one page a day. iba rin ang impact nun. about the pure english suggestion, i will bring it up with his publications manager. i'm the editor :)

  2. thanks, Ms Solina for your comments. im sorry, i just went online today and just read them.

    yeah, i read them in 3-4 sittings. i knew i was supposed to read one page each day but i was "hungry" to read more pages in just one day:).

    that would be great. thanks for reading my review, Ma'am...More blessings!

  3. i bought one before the start of the year 2012...

  4. hello :) thank u for your review. gonna buy dis book. looking forward to read dis.

  5. Thanks for info i think i need this

  6. Where can I buy pdf copy of this book?

    1. Thank you Anonymous, Jho and Alouha for visiting my blogsite. Sorry i just read your comments. I haven't been active in blogging lately but will soon be back to it.

      Alouha, u can buy it from national bookstore i guess and for sure, christian bookstores especially from its publisher, CSM.

  7. dear publisher,
    I just hve an information about this book 365 daily supplement for the heart resently by instagram, yesterday february 8, 2015 is our 12years anniversary as boyfriend & girlfriend, so me and him decided to celebrate it going out and we plan to go to bookstore to buy this book, im so excited after our third attempt to e every bookstore we went finally the search i thought its over coz we bought 2 copies, but surprisingly when i finally realized when i get home and had an 8hours sleep without checking and starting reading it, is not really the book i need to buy because the book we bought is 365 daily booster for the heart and its not daily now i hope i can have both..a daily supplement is my second mission to find on a bookstore,.^_^ #happyvien;)


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