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Funny Song About Christmas, Its Wrong Concept And My Thoughts About That Song


As i was renting in an internet cafe and doing my research last week, since the internet cafe had no headset in every computer, if one person wanted to listen to music, everybody would hear it and if everyone in that cafe would listen to different music, then everybody would be able to hear those different kinds of music...that was really chaos and that was a great example of noise pollution.

Anyways, as i was typing something, a young person tuned in to and i happened to hear the music he was listening to and i approached him and asked what was the title of that song and he gave it to me (it was my first time hearing that song). I asked him that because that music made me laugh but gave me an idea to blog about it. Since it made me laugh, i would want to dedicate that to my single sister and to me (hahaha...just kidding). But seriously, i got that song title from that young person in order for me to blog about it and really correct that wrong concept about Christmas.

Here's the song and its  lyrics ( if you want to listen to it, just click the video i posted below but before you click it, take time to read my thoughts about that song first. Thanks!)

by Rocksteddy

Malamig ang simoy ng hangin
mga bata sa labas na nangangaroling
ang mga parol na patay sindi
makukulay na palamuti sa Christmas tree. Sa Christmas tree.

Naglalakad ka ng mag isa 
Walang kasama


Kawawa ka naman at single ka ngayong pasko
ilang taon ka nang ganyan
ka-date mo na naman ang nanay mo at
bibili na lang ng Christmas card

at susulatan ko na lang ito
ng Merry Christmas happy new year - to me

Di mo ba napupuna?
di mo ba nakikita?
lahat sila may kasama ikaw lang ang wala
di mo ba napapansin?
di ka ba naiinggit?
lahat sila may syotang malupet ikaw walang ka-date


naglalakad ka sa mall ng mag-isa walang kasama

REPEAT CHORUS (Choir part)

Cong Hei Fat Choi, happy three Kings - to me

My Thoughts About That Song:

You're single and its Christmas what? Is Christmas about boyfriend or girlfriend...that if you don't have one, your Christmas Day is sad? That's a wrong notion from many people...especially from most single people. 

Here in the Philippines, there's what people call, "Samahan Ng Malalamig Ang Pasko" (Cold Christmas Club For Singles- as i want to translate it) for people who have no dates on Christmas time.

It's very sad that Christmas is being associated with dating...that if u don't have a date on Christmas, you have a sad Christmas celebration.

Although that song made me laugh, it saddened my heart because, the lyrics give a wrong concept of Christmas especially to singles.

Its saddening that it points singles to look forward for a date on Christmas Season and if one doesn't have a date, Christmas meant to be so sad when the truth is, Christmas is about our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas is about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

For me, it doesn't matter if i don't have a date on Christmas day, what matters to me is to really have a time fellow shipping with God. 

We have a family tradition during Christmas time, that is, we attend our church's candle light communion service where we could celebrate Christmas eve at church, watch the church's presentation, listen to sermon during that night , have communion, greet our pastors, friends and church mates, then go home, have our family program that i most of the time prepare (with games, gift-giving, prizes, etc) then we pray together and eat together but after that, i always want to be alone in a room ....pray, read the Bible, sing praises to God, write on my diary and spend time with God. That's how i celebrate Christmas.

The most enjoyable and memorable moment in my life during Christmas is to spend time with God in prayer, worship, read the Bible and write on my diary.

Now, if u have a date this Christmas season,  take time to pray together and focus on the reason of the season...JESUS CHRIST.

Have a great date with our Lord Jesus Christ this Christmas....After All, He is the reason for this season.

(After watching the video below, if you're single and you don't have a date this Christmas, realize that  you're not "kawawa" (as the song said) have so many things to thank about...and the greatest gift that you can have this Christmas is your personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Take time to come to Him and ask Him that you want to receive Him as your personal Lord and Savior this Christmas...Merry Christmas, my friend!)

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