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The Weirdest Experience I Ever Had In Riding a Taxicab and Some Tips

Have you watched the episode of GMA's i-witness entitled, "TAXI AFTER DARK" by Jay Taruc last February this year? If i could still remember, there was this lady who was harassed...the taxi driver was saying things that are sexually harassing and the other lady's experience was, the taxi driver has beaten her up.

I've watched that and those experiences somehow gave me some fear in riding a taxi cab again but i have no choice but to ride one because for me, that's the "safest" option  in going to work in a graveyard shift.

I also had some bad, good and weird experiences in riding a taxi cab.


 One time, the taxi driver just dropped me off in the middle of Buendia late at night while heading to work. He was so impatient and irate while i was gently giving him instructions on how to get to our office easily.  I was still kind enough to pay him even if he was rude and he said, " You know what? I should have not stopped and got you as my passenger because my first impression of you was, you were a kind of person who would just pay the exact amount." I was triggered so i answered him strongly, "Of course i'll pay the exact amount because I'm working so hard to earn money...every centavo is important." I ended up riding a bus which was full because there was no available taxicab anymore. That was somehow so frustrating.


So far, the best ride i ever had was that one with the driver who gave me $1,000,000,000.Oops that wasn't real money, it was a gospel tract that looked like US money and that taxi driver received 20 of them from an American missionary who gave him the idea to give them away and i was one of the recipients. But overall, that taxi driver knew how to respect his passengers. Good work, Manong Driver! May God continue to bless you!


It was the other night. When i rode that taxi, there was no music nor noise that you could hear of but after a few minutes , the taxi driver reached out to his taxi radio and i suddenly heard a deep sound voice like that of Rey Langit's saying...."GABIIIII NGGGG LAGIMMMM"....followed by howling dogs and some horror effects. You could imagine how i became a little bit fearful plus of course it was already late at night. Some of you are not familiar with "Gabi ng Lagim". It's a radio drama with a deep voice like that of Rey Langit's and howling dogs before the drama begins. I've heard of that program when i was still a child but i haven't listened to it because i was afraid of howling dogs and horror drama (whether it's over the radio or movie and it's not really my cup of tea and besides it's demonic).

Anyway, i was a little bit frightened by that sound and i asked the driver to turn off the radio or just listen to another program but he said, "No, I can't...because i need to know what will happen to the characters. Tomorrow will be a different story again." I replied, "You should be more concerned if passengers are comfortable or not, than what you really want." But he ignored me. He continued to listen. 

At that time, the traffic was a little bit heavy and every taxi cab had its passengers and i had no choice but to stay.

Anyway, it would just take 10 minutes for me to reach the workplace but it was still far if i would just walk. So i just stayed and i just prayed. But that stay really gave me a terrible time. I was praying silently (in my heart) while the drama continued to play over the radio. And of course you could just hear what was going on with that drama.There was a satan character and a woman talking to him. Satan told the woman that she could have a baby as long as she surrenders herself to him. I heard that portion when i was about to stop at my destination. That was terrible.That radio drama is planting bad seeds to the listeners. Terrible seeds! And that taxi driver was really hooked up with it. I told him as i gave him my fare, " Are you aware that you're listening to a satanic drama?" Then i went down from that taxi. I took a deep breath while walking toward my workplace. I also sprayed cologne over my clothes because the taxi didnt smell good. What a weird experience!

1) Pray before you leave home.

2) As much as possible, ride a taxi cab that are from good taxi operators.

3) When you open the door and you smell something stinky, don't proceed...tell the driver that you've changed your mind:) or else you'll smell the same as you leave that taxi.

4) Look for the taxi information and write them down on a paper or type them on your cellphone. I heard from a radio station that you could text the information to MMDA in this number 09209472116 (I'm not sure if it's still working) or you could just text them to your family or submit them to LTO especially if the driver is abusive and rude (LTO has small forms that you could fill out to report abusive and rude taxi drivers).

5) Check out the driver. If at first he didn't treat you well, don't proceed.

6) Don't ride if the meter is not working and the driver would just tell you the amount to pay.

7) If you're riding a taxi cab everyday and you already know the fare and the meter exceeds from what you're paying for, tell the driver the amount you're paying everyday. Some drivers will accept it but some might argue but stick to the fare you are paying unless it's really traffic and your way was different.

8) Don't argue with the taxi driver until you reach your destination if there are things you need to argue about especially if you're alone or else he might bring you somewhere else and do something bad against you.

9) Direct the taxi driver to the police station if he's doing something wrong.

10) Don's share personal things like where you live (even if you just rode in front of your home), or what time you go to work and leave work.

11) Share the things about God if conversation starts especially if the taxi driver is receptive.

12) Check if the driver had just smoke (you could smell it when you open the door), if so, don't ride, not only you 'll smell like smoke but you will also be suffocated and your lungs might also be affected.

13) Pray for the taxi driver silently.

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