Monday, May 31, 2010

A Taste Of The First Bible Museum in The Philippines And In Asia

Last Friday morning (May 28, 2010), i went to Philippine Bible Society building in United Nations Avenue , Manila as invited by Ms Hazel Alviz, a former DZAS radio broadcaster and now the Communications Officer of Philippine Bible Society (PBS). That day was the pre-opening for Bloggers and Media. Thanks to Ms Joyce Burton-Titular (the Blogging Beauty Queen) who gave my contact detail to Ms Hazel Alviz  that really surprised me because a former DZAS radio broadcaster, whom i only heard over the radio before, contacted me and  i was able to meet her in person that day. 

It was a great experience and a privilege to be one of the first people who were able to view the Bible Museum before it would be opened to the public tomorrow. I  also met some bloggers and magazine writers there and viewed the museum as we were introduced to every module.

Now, are you wondering how the bible came to us? This question and other related topics would be answered as you visit the Bible Museum. According to PBS, they hope to interest people of all ages and backgrounds especially the children and youth to embark on a journey to discover God's word. PBS also hopes to impress upon the museum guests the immense value of the Bible and its role in our lives as a people and as a nation.

I know some of you are bored in reading historical books, modules and also the Bible but as you go there, someone will introduce to you each module and every module summarizes what happened in a particular century. 

Every module is interesting but i would just feature here some because if i would feature everything, nothing would surprise you anymore.

As you could see in this module, in 13th Century BC, God Revealed the Ten Commandments to Moses and it says there, "God's promise to Abraham was fulfilled when God raised the nation Israel. He gave them a set of laws on how they should live as his chosen people."

What is it in this stone? I like this one where you could watch the progress of early writings of the Bible. You could see the creativity of the people who conceptualized the museum although PBS said that they are still going to improve  and enhance it but seeing this makes you feel their initial effort to tell the people how the Bible came to us in a very creative and interesting way.

See that "unmoving" man beside me? It's Paul the Apostle. Although, the PBS staff admitted that that man didn't really look like Paul (because there's nowhere in the Bible describes how Paul looks like-especially how his face looked like) but as far as i could remember ,I've learned from the Bible College that Paul was short and bow-legged. 

Anyway, in this module, Paul wrote to the Christians in 1st Century AD and you would learn more on it when you visit the museum.

I like this cave there. As you enter that cave, and turn right, you would see the room that displays different translations of the Bible , there's New Testament Greek, the Bible translated in Turkey, Old Testament in Hebrew, etc.

This is the room where you could see all those Bible translations. It's a  room with a collection of Bibles in different languages and translations. You would enjoy seeing them there. 

And this is also the room where you could watch a video how Philippine Bible Society started. It's really interesting!

And do you want to wear the kind of suit that Moses  has worn? Do you want to "look like Moses " once in your lifetime and be able to pose with those "stone tablets"? Don't miss that experience when you go there. There are still a lot of things you could see when you go there...this is just a taste of the first bible museum in the Philippines and even in Asia.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Bible Museum which will be opened for public viewing starting tomorrow, June 1, 2010 from 9am to 4pm at the 2/F  Philippine Bible Society Ministry Facility, 890 UN Avenue, Ermita Manila. For more information and reservations, call : The Communications Department at 526-7777 local 620  or visit

click here on how to go there.

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  2. Thank you so much for your support. You may avail of your discount at the UN BibleHouse until July 31. :) God bless you!

  3. @PBS, thanks also for this's a privilege.Thanks for the discount,too:)

  4. @Ms Law,no problem. entrance fee, if i could still remember is P50 but to be safe, just contact PBS. thanks.


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