Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Special Tribute To My Mother and To All Mothers This Special Day

When  I was composing this, i was thinking of all the characteristics of my mother but even if  this is for my mother , i believe you can also relate to this if you are a mother. I believe that you've also done these things to your children. So i'm dedicating this not just to my mother but to all mothers out there. Happy Mother's Day!

If you're not a mother, think of all the things that your mother has done to you and let her know that she is so special not just this mother's day but everyday!

(Note: click x when the ad for "superpoke pets" shows up on the slide in order for you to read the text below the pictures).

Copyright © 2010 by Mari Ann Rose "Mariah" F. Gadapan . All rights reserved worldwide.  

Note: most of the pictures used in this slide show are from fotosearch but the words are my own composition.



  1. Mariah (I like how you arrived at that name and what it means) this is a beautiful tribute to your mother and all mothers. I am thankful we are friends.

  2. thank you for the comment.i'm sorry im not familiar with mudpie, may i know ur real name? thanks


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