Saturday, May 1, 2010

Are You Stateside?

Are you stateside?...that was the question of an American woman on the onset of the call when i greeted her with our opening spiel. 

I asked, "What do you mean?." She answered , "Are you from the States? What State are you in?" I answered back , "Your call has been routed to the Philippines." 

She said, "Oh! I thought you were in the States.I'll just call to the States.Bye!"  Ouch! That was too discriminating but it lowered my AHT somehow (AHT means Average Handle Time).

Anyway,i thought of sharing this on this blog not to put down or discriminate any race or something but i just want to share what's in my heart about it.

Everyday, we experience discrimination in the call center. As if we don't have the abilities to resolve issues when some of the Americans or other races that live in the US find out that their calls have been routed to the Philippines.

I have nothing against Americans or people whose number one  spoken language is English. Our Pastor is an American. I have American friends. My first boyfriend was an American but it's just hurting when people discriminate and don't want to talk to you if you are a Filipino.

We have our own abilities. Americans are powerful, no doubt about it. Indians are good in computers and they could resolve issues. Chinese are good in business and herbal medicines. We, Filipinos are good in so many ways.We excel in sports, music, arts, academics, even in speaking different languages, including English. In the area of research, Swiss people are among the best in the world. Switzerland is a home to the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and attracts large numbers of researchers and scientists from abroad, according to my research on the web. The Federal Institutes of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and Lausanne (EPF) are ranked among the world's top universities. Greeks are good in literature as far as i know. Other races have their own capabilities as well.

But at the end of the day, when our outer skin is peeled off , whether we are Black or White Americans, Filipinos or Latinos, Japanese or Chinese, we still have the same color....WHITE! (Just like what our Pastor often reminds us).

Are you stateside?....yes or no, you're still the best. You are unique.God has given you unique characteristics and you can make a difference in the world. You can do what others can't do. You are "God-side" (you are made by God). You are wonderfully made by God. And if you see yourself like that you will also see others the same. No discrimination, whatever race or culture he /she has.

But, there's something positive about that question though...which i just now realized. I should have answered "YES, I AM STATESIDE!". Stateside, not in the context of what State i came from or race or culture but in the context of value.

In Filipino context, "stateside" means made in the U.S. and everything made in the U.S are highly valued, they are very special. Here in the Philippines, when we receive "stateside" package..they are special..they are very high in value...they are precious, especially what are in the inside :)., next time, I know what to answer to that question..."Yes, I am stateside...because God made me one." And you are the same.You are stateside because you are highly valued by God. You are very special in His treat people the same.Treat people as "STATESIDE!"

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  1. I'd just say I'm a Filipina.

  2. Hey Thess/Blue, I'd just say I'm beautiful! LOLOL!

    Mariah, I'm sorry that lady didn't want you to handle her concern. But, reading your story, I have to say that it's really more of a reflection of her and the culture she lives in rather than you. You make me proud to be half-Filipina. She makes me embarrassed to be half-American. :)

  3. thanks for the comments sis tess and joyce.i'm also proud to be a Filipina.

  4. YOU SAID: But at the end of the day, when our outer skin is peeled off , whether we are Black or White Americans, Filipinos or Latinos, Japanese or Chinese, we still have the same color: I SAY: I agree 100%


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