Friday, April 9, 2010

A Special Tribute To Lola Onette

"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints." (Psalm 116:15 New International Version).

I was surprised when i received a text message yesterday from one of my sisters that one of our close relatives (my mother's aunt in law) is already dead.If I am not mistaken, she's already in her late 70's.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my condolence to the whole family of Falcutila and Montana.

To Lola Onnete, I know that  you are already happy in heaven right now although we will miss your beautiful spanish-filipina beauty, i know that you are in a better place now.

It was just sad that we were not able to spend time with her for the past few years. Although we saw each other at church sometimes but we just said hi to each other and just had a little "kumustahan". But what i will always remember about her is her smile and being hospitable.

I remember when it was our first few months in Romblon, adjusting to the cultures of the people there (because we transferred from Quezon to Romblon when i was 11 years old). They speak different dialects in every town which our parents could only understand. We had few friends at first but Lola Onette, her husband Lolo Benny and their children became our close relatives . Although their town was a little bit further from my father's hometown, they were near in our hearts.

When we visited them,they were so hospitable and took care of us well. They introduced us to their neighborhood and their warm welcome gave us security in the place unknown to us before.

As an individual, Lola Onette is an example of a grandmother who knew how to take care of herself. She looked younger than her real age. She was a good mother to her children and a good grandmother to her grandchildren...and most of all, she had the fear of God.

Although our hearts are grieving for her death, we are still rejoicing because she is already in heaven.

Farewell Lola Onette...we will see each other again when the time comes that we will also be in heaven.

"When they arrive at the gates of death, God welcomes those who love him." (Psalm 116:15 The Message)

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