Sunday, April 4, 2010

Alone in Orion

Yesterday was a great bonding moment with my family.

After coming from work, my mother and my sister convinced me to go with them to Marivelez, Bataan (where my eldest sister and her family reside) and have our bonding moment there. My other sister and her family were already there since Friday.

We went to a resort. We had fun. We enjoyed the seafoods and the rest of us enjoyed swimming. I just slept there while they were swimming. Prior to our trip, i just came from my graveyard shift work so i needed some sleep. I took advantage of that moment to sleep and regain my strength.

When i woke up, they were already finished swimming and were already preparing to go back to my sister's place but we had our picture taking first before we went home and that we enjoyed so much.

We came home very tired due to a long journey.

Morning came, one of my sisters decided to spend our Sunday in Subic and just enjoy each other. Before that, i woke up around 5 am and part of me wanted to go back to Manila and ride in the boat where my other sister, mom and i rode when we went to Bataan. I was hoping i could go back to Manila early so that i could attend the Sunday morning service.

But due to tiredness, i slept again and woke up past 7am.

Ohh...I was already trapped in i decided to just take a bath and prepare for Subic and join the rest of our family there but deep inside me,I wanted to go back to Manila and attend the worship service.

Finally,when everybody was prepared to go to Subic, I decided to just go back to Manila by myself.

They were surprised by my sudden decision but my decision was tough..i had to go back to main reason was, i wanted to attend the Sunday service and worship God in this time of celebrating his resurrection.

At the time of writing this on my notebook,I was alone in Orion, Bataan...waiting for the boat to arrive headed to Manila.

In retrospect, i believe this is the best decision for me today instead of going to Subic.

Yes, life is to be enjoyed but my happiness /enjoyment in life doesn't depend on just enjoying the material things or good things on earth but it depends on my relationship with God.I was longing to be with God.... and being in Subic may give me temporary happiness but the longing inside of me to worship Him may not be satisfied or met.

Yes, God is everywhere and you can pray everywhere but there are just situations that would hinder you in coming to Jesus and worship him.

Thank God for family ...but sometimes, if your time with your family is your priority before your time with God, you need to refocus yourself to God and ask him to renew your relationship with him.

Enjoy life but enjoy it with Jesus...let Jesus be the center of your life.

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